Chris Henschen
Artist Representative

Jennifer Canal
Artist Representative


Frameworks Artists is an artists representative agency based in
Los Angeles and we work with clients throughout the U.S. Since
beginning in 1996, we have worked on thousands of projects with
some of the biggest names in commercial, television, and feature
film production as well as the largest advertising agencies across
the country. Whereas we started out as a value driven alternative
to more expensive representatives, the evolution of Frameworks
Artists was such that we have become a serious player based on
our ability to deliver some of the best artists in the business while
keeping our rates substantially below that of our competitors.
How are we able to charge less and still deliver topnotch artists?
Being a boutique agency, we can offer the same services and the
same level of expertise of larger agencies without the high over-
head. Because we keep our operational costs to a minimum, we
can take a smaller commission which allows us to negotiate much
more reasonable rates with our clients at the same time providing
some of the best artists in the business. In other words,we take a
smaller percentage and pass the savings along to you. One thing
for certain is you can pay more but you can’t get more. In addition,
the fact that we are smaller means that we are able to offer unique
personalized service unequaled by larger companies.There are
plenty of good agency reps out there to choose from, but when
you factor in quality and price, we make the decision easy.
Simply put… Frameworks Artists can meet your storyboard and
production illustration needs better and more affordably.